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Hot Runner Components
All relevent hot runner components - hot runner heater, thermocouple,connector socket&cable line and so on,are let hot runner system more stable, more long-term performance.
Siamese Style Hot Runner
With the Siamese-type structure of the oil cylinder system ,it can be controlled with sequential or move the weld line so as to improve the product quality .The hot nozzles are connected with the spreader plate with bolts ;thus it eliminate the hidden dangers of hot runner flash ,but also easily to be installed and maintained .Compared with the structure of air tank ,the oil tank system is more stable and reliable .Equipped with its own cooling system ,the oil tank has greatly improved the working ...
Hot Runner
A hot runner system is an assembly of heated components—hot halves, nozzles and gates and—that inject plastic into the cavities of an injection mold. The system usually includes a heated manifold and a number of heated nozzles. The manifold distributes the plastic entering the mold to the nozzles, which then meter it precisely to the injection points in the cavities. The hot runner is equipped with its own temperature control system.
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